You’re going to have a lot of questions…

We fully appreciate that egg donation is a *huge* ask of anyone, especially anonymously. If you’re reading this you’ll no doubt have lots of questions about the process, including the practicalities and legalities, and so we would recommend you check out the most authoritative source on the matter; the Human Fertilisation & Embryology AuthorityΒ (HFEA).

Briefly, to have the best chance of becoming a egg donor you will need to be:

  • Aged between 18-35
  • Within a healthy weight range (normally with a BMI below 30)
  • Willing to be screened for a number of medical conditions
  • Free from a serious medical disability

Whilst it is illegal within the UK to pay an egg donor, compensation of up to Β£750 is available per donation cycle to cover costs.

Please be reassured that you would have no legal rights or responsibilities to children born from your donation; there are two people eagerly awaiting the opportunity to do just this!

If having read the information on the HFEA web site you would like to speak to a medical professional and find out more, please make contact with the team at Leeds Fertility clinic.