Why consider egg donation?

It wasn’t until a read an article in Grazia a good number of years ago that I became aware of the possibility of egg donation. At that time, children weren’t on my agenda, simply due to my relationship status, but for a while I mulled over whether I could help someone who was experiencing fertility issues. I reasoned that if I wasn’t in a position to make use of my eggs, then I could potentially benefit someone for whom becomming pregnant was problematic.

I didn’t end up pursuing donation, but I’m convinced my motivation would have been different if I’d have learned of someone’s personal predicament. I think I also didn’t appreciate just how many couples suffer from fertility issues and how long or difficult it can be to get pregnant (the NHS estimate 1/7 couples suffer infertility) – from an early age we’re led to believe that falling pregnant is inevitable if you don’t use contraception, however, for us years of unprotected sex later and there’s still been no pregnancy.

We thought it might be useful to point you to some case studies published by the National Gamete Donation Trust to provide a perspective from donors and find out what motivated them. We also love the brutally honest tweets from 30-year old Kerry who documented her egg donation journey that Cosmopolitan documented in a recent article. Sarah Harris’ account in an article published in the Guardian is an intertesting reading too.

The Egg-Donation Co-ordinator at Leeds Fertility Clinic will also be able to provide more insight and answer questions you may have.