This is not a book review of the fabulously entertaining book by David Nichols, rather it’s our story…. a little about Us.

We are a white, British, heterosexual couple. We met a little later in life, once we’d had time to establish our careers, travel and play lots of sport, whilst making lasting friendships to complement our family lives. (We both have big families!)

A chance meeting (involving a yellow coat) brought us together and one we’ve been grateful for ever since. From early on in our relationship we knew with unwavering certainty that we wanted a family together and so we did our very best over a number of years to make this happen.

Regrettably, it became apparent that I have a very low ovarian reserve and one abandoned cycle of IVF treatmentΒ at Leeds Fertility earlier this year was enough to receive the prognosis that using donor eggs will be our only chance of having a family together.

Unsurprisingly, there is a lengthy waiting list to receive donor eggs and so potential recipients, like ourselves, need to encourage donors to come forwards. At first we thought this was rather unorthodox, however, given our NHS funding is time-limited we have no time to waste. We want nothing more than to have a family and we hope you may be that special person to help complete us.

Before we started on our IVF journey we knew little about the process or egg donation so you’ll probably have lots of questions too. To help you navigate the multitude of sources on the web, we’ve created a post pointing you to the best sources of such information.